By: Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

Feelings of depression, anxiety, and depression are patterns of thought and behavior that have drawn the majority of attention, whether it's in health care or business. Much of the so-called "problem solvers" focus their attention on the "presenting problem." Consider that our entire health field is dedicated to diagnose and treat symptoms, whether they be physical, mental, or emotional, through medication management of these symptoms. Business consultants spend much of their time determining faults and failings of a business, through high priced consultants. Instead of dwelling on the problem, I have found much of what leads to progressive and lasting change comes from forward motion through self-awareness ...

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Let's Talk: A Therapist Invitation...

In your daily grind of protecting your image from others, we go from day-to-day, expending tremendous amounts of energy trying to conceal and contain the way you really feel. This becomes an energy-draining task. The pain you feel has been mounting since childhood. You have been judged, belittled, and told you are not good enough.

It is from that childhood, or later, when you begin to believe that you are in this never-ending deep sadness, excruciating anxiety, and deep valley of doubt. These feelings of sadness, anxiety, and misery have become so overwhelming that you feel an unending amount of stress, fear, and insecurity that you give up who you were and accept the possibility that it will never get...

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I've been on a quest to discover how It Will All Work Out (IWAWO). I have discovered my own Life Journey and I'd like to help you find and follow your Journey too.

In our commitment and determination to rid the world of anxiety and depression, we are excited to announce the launch of my first book.

I've created a practical guide to help you see just how to get your Journey to be more true to who you are.

While I finalize official book signings, I wanted you to be one among the first to start the IWAWO movement. You can be the first to own your own copy of IWAWO: Discovering and Loving Your Life Journey.

Want to buy one?

You can get your copy of the book through: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks.


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One of my mentors, Brendon Burchard, taught me a valuable lesson on what he calls the "Arenas of Life." He pointed to three keys to any relationship in life.


Being present is extremely important to whatever you do or are doing. He reminds me that whomever I help, giving my whole attention to them matters more than I realize.


These are the emotions that you and I bring to a relationship. I bring emotion to the relationship. When I determine my own emotion in my interaction with others, I am being more authentic and valuable to the relationship.


Engaging in purposeful and intentional focus to the relationship greatly increases the relationship. I intentionally put my phone down and turn the ringer off throughout the day. I am present and focu...

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If you look at disease in the world, you are bound to see varied cases of conditions in the body that lead to further health complications. One website I looked at this morning said the top three deadliest diseases in the world are:

1. Heart disease (Ischemic Heart Disease) - heart attack

2. Cebrovascular Disease - strokes

3. Lower Respiratory Infections - pneumonia and bronchitis

Any one of these three usually give off warning signs. These warnings are the body's way of saying "pay attention to me." These signs are telling us one essential truth about disease.


The very word "disease" gives us a giant clue as to what's going on within us. We get these conditions because we are not longer at ease. Our ease has been thrown off course and the bo...

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Gut Instinct

By Kevin

Physician Emeran Mayer wrote an incredible (highly recommended) book, The Mind-Gut Connection: How the Hidden Conversation Within Our Bodies Impacts Our Mood, Our Choices, and Our Overall Health

His book confirmed what we have known for a long time...our gut holds a vast amount of communication and emotional chemicals throughout the body. Our digestive tracts help ward off poison in our body. Our gut carries the single biggest source of Serotonin, that "feel good" feeling we crave.

Wisdom in Your Gut

Much of our work with individuals, families, groups, and organizations confirm what Mayer points to...there is a great amount of wisdom in your gut. When the mind and the gut are communicating well, there is an unmistakable wisdom. That gut can guide and pull y...

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In our intense work with clients, families, groups, and organizations, we find a consistent need for three traits. Every individual and group must have these in their life, which are often under valued and ignored.

Know Yourself

You may have a vague idea of who you are, but do you really stop to get to know the real, authentic you? We mean knowing your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Knowing what you are to yourself and others, as well as what you're not, is highly underrated.

Love Yourself

Knowing yourself is one thing. Loving yourself, even your flaws, is entirely empowering. When you really, deep down, love who you are and what you stand for in life, you begin to focus on becoming the best version of yourself. Love you, no matter what.

Care for Yourself

Truly great parents and...

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Being an addict is not considered to be a good thing. We have condemned people who have become addicted to drugs, sending them to jail or prison. Yet we have become addicts ourselves and here's how.

Craving the Newest Thing

You brain is hardwired to seek the newest and greatest thing or idea. If you doubt it, ask yourself this question: How many times did you turn your attention to the newest version of a car, home, or technology? If the advertisement made you want to have it, you are an addict.

What's in Your Pocket

A growing majority of us have our smartphones within arm's reach of our eyes and ears. If it's in your pocket or just next to you (as mine is right now), you are addicted to the phone.

You Get Excited at a Notification

Regardless of where you are in the world, you are more likely to hear a sound notificatio...

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Your Triggers

By Kevin

Bob came to us, desperately looking for guidance out of his alcoholism. He had horrific stories of his disease, which began in his teenage years and now into his mid-50s. I asked him what his triggers to drinking were, he paused. He had never thought of what got him to think of drinking alcohol.

Triggers to Behavior

Triggers are any situation, thought, or memory that results in you thinking of destructive behavior. Like a gun, triggers set off a bullet of behavior in one or more directions. For Bob, it was the mere thought of "I deserve to have a drink." Bob's romantic connection to drinking, led him to consider drinking as acceptable.

Your triggers don't have to be as destructive and detrimental as Bob's. You can connect an emotionally positive memory of a lo...

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Everything begins with a thought. This moment is no different. You may be feeling overwhelmed about the beginning of the week, with all it's daunting tasks. Your mind races off in panic, fearing the worst possible scenario coming true. Anxiety leads to dis-ease. You search for calm and clarity. In our work with clients, we find three present-moment grounding tactics help you get through the moment.

Check In

The best way to identify where you are - mentally, emotionally, physically - is through self-evaluation. Give yourself a number (on a 1 - 10 scale, with 10 = out of control). Pay attention to what you're thinking and feeling. Do you feel like a "2" or an "8?" Give yourself an awareness score of where you are this very moment. Self-rating is an ...

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