1 Way to Restore Clarity

By Kevin

I hope this message finds you in a moment of need. You and I are meant to live in a more natural state of calm and clarity. You are not meant to live in this hectic fast-paced world we have accepted. Yet, with the multiple means of reaching for your attention there is a tendency to believe living in this world of distraction is normal.

Through my 28 years of counseling and coaching I have found one of several universal truths about you. You are happiest when you are in a calm and clear state of mind. These moments are a time to be relaxed and focused at the same time. The challenge is in breaking through to the calm and clarity. There has to be one sure fire way to engage in the moment.

Get Outside

Getting outside, in the heart of nature, forces your mind and internal self to reset your calm and clarity. You know the time, when you're in the great outdoors with family or friends. You may enjoy playing sports outside. You may like to camp outdoors. You may be drawn to the beach. You may just love being out there.

For me, it's as simple as getting outside and watching a tree wave back and forth in the wind. The tree doesn't know what time it is. A tree has no care for your precious over-rated meetings. I find trees are just being themselves, flowing with whatever nature brings it. They have taught me so much about the importance of life.

If you struggle to get into a state of calm and clarity...get outside and be with nature.

- Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC



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