2 Important Ways

By Kevin

It's Friday.

This may be the final day in your work week. This may be another day before the end of your work. This may be another day without a job. This day is yours to make a difference.

Regardless of the day, there are two ways to remember the importance of the day: be present and practice gratitude.

Be Present

Instead of worrying, dreading, or fearing what today or other future days are ahead, there is nothing more real than this present moment. Take time today to ask yourself this question: Am I really here and present in the actual moment of this day?

Being present is a great equalizer to stress, for it reminds you that right here, right now, you are safe. Bringing yourself back to the present moment allows you to reconnect to now. I believe there must be a balance between where you are now and where you want to go.

Practice Gratitude

Whenever you begin to look at negative situations, it is highly effective to consider all you do have. As my daughter reminded me last night, "there's a silver lining" in every situation. She is so right. By practicing gratitude you remind your brain and your heart of what's really important to you. By practicing gratitude, you remind yourself to Obey Your Heart.

Being present and practicing gratitude...these are two ways to calm and clarity.

- by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC



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