3 Flaws in Your Brain

By Kevin

Through research, nearly 30 years of counseling others, and in writing my book, I have come to learn three flaws about our brain.

First, it is highly trained to KEEP YOU ALIVE. It filters everything as either a threat or safe.

Second, your brain is designed to MAKE SENSE OUT OF EXPERIENCES. Your brain takes input through each of your sense and begins to "understand" it all. The brain compares what you're experiencing to what you have already experienced.

Third, the brain is NOT ALWAYS ACCURATE. The brain is built on 3,000 years of fear, which began with helping humans run away from a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Humans were prey back then. Chances are great that you will not have a near-death experience today.

The good news for us is that we are no longer a meal for a dinosaur. Yet the same fears resonate within your amygdala portion of your brain. It says, "Run!...Get away from this threat!...Leave Now!"

Now it's time to learn how to retrain the brain's amygdala and push through the initial fear. The antedote to fear is a healthy dose of Courage.

Be Courageous today. You are on your way to great experiences, despite what your brain fears.



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