3 Qualities of Your Board

By Kevin

The more I work with companies and organizations, the more I come to realize that every successful business has a "Board of Directors." In Fortune 500 companies, these boards serve to advise the CEO on what's best for the company. Smaller companies may call their advisors a "Board of Trustees." Each success has collected individuals with great minds and talent, and entrusts them to point the company in the best direction.

When successful companies do this, they get tremendous results. Individuals, like you and I can do the same thing. I believe you should be selective about choosing who provides your caring support and direction. Who you surround yourself will either make or break you. With that being the case, who should you surround yourself with? I believe there are three qualities your advisors should have before you accept them as mentors.

Be a Great Listener

Every great mentor, at minimum, a gifted listener. They should be willing to understand you and where you'd like to go on your Life Journey.

Ask Great Questions

Beyond listening, your board of mentors ought to be tremendous at asking questions. Questions help to clarify the thoughts and feelings you have about your Life Journey.

Provide Caring Direction

Make sure they care about you and the direction you're going in your Life Journey. They must have the genuine interest in what's best for you.

Today's question: Who's on your board now?

by Kevin R. Foley



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