3 Steps to Creativity

By Kevin

by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

Your frontal lobe is a pivotal part of your brain. It rests in the front part of your brain, in the area of your forehead. This frontal lobe are the keys to your own creativity and productive living.

Attention and Focused Concentration

The frontal lobe brings about the ability to use attention to inspire your creativity. When you get drawn off focus, you are able to deliberately come back to the task at hand. Through chosen concentration you can determine what you will create.

Awareness and Observation

This function allows you to speculate on the possibilities of the future. You can take anything you observe and deliberately decide what you will do with it, which translates into your future.

Conscious Thought

Through attention and observation, you are able determine your intention. Your conscious thoughts allow you to make decisions and chose behaviors.

The frontal lobe is the "wise brain." Creativity prospers when you use this part of your brain.



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