3 Ways to Permanent Change

By Kevin

by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

In my work with individuals in midst of panic and uncertainty, they reveal a significant difficulty that gets in the way of permanent change. Truly great change takes place with incremental and important steps to lead to permanent differences in our response to situations. There are three ways high achievers make substantial change.

Feelings cannot be Thoughts

Truly impulsive people usually grow to believe that thoughts are feelings. Profound and wise thoughts come after the feeling has passed. Today is the day for you to allow the feelings to pass. After feelings move on, you begin to think greater than you feel.

Reprogramming 95% of You

It's been said that our programmed subconscious runs 95 percent of our mind, while the remaining 5 percent runs on conscious thinking. The fact that much of your body operates on patterned thinking, the challenge is obvious in leading to change. You have to break up preconceived thinking and feeling patterns to become who you want to be instead of who you are. A-players spend considerable time rewiring their brain to accept and adopt new patterns of thinking and feelings. This is the reprogramming that must take place to affect permanent change.

Unmemorize Feelings

Deep and profound change is impacted by changing our patterns of thought and feelings. In people I work with, self-awareness helps them understand that feelings of sadness (depression) and fear (anxiety) are feelings that need to begin to change. Significant change occurs when you can recognize the feeling and guide the body and feelings to stop over-reacting. By helping you recognize past thoughts and feelings, you can then begin to move forward in the direction you desire, because you've reinforced safety and security in going in your desired Life Journey.

Breaking up old patterns lead to the kinds of Permanent Change you desire. The more you practice these three steps the easier it becomes to affect permanent change.



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