3 Ways to Self-Awareness

By Kevin

Everything begins with a thought. This moment is no different. You may be feeling overwhelmed about the beginning of the week, with all it's daunting tasks. Your mind races off in panic, fearing the worst possible scenario coming true. Anxiety leads to dis-ease. You search for calm and clarity. In our work with clients, we find three present-moment grounding tactics help you get through the moment.

Check In

The best way to identify where you are - mentally, emotionally, physically - is through self-evaluation. Give yourself a number (on a 1 - 10 scale, with 10 = out of control). Pay attention to what you're thinking and feeling. Do you feel like a "2" or an "8?" Give yourself an awareness score of where you are this very moment. Self-rating is an extremely powerful tool.

Set Reminders

Throughout your day, whenever your number goes up, you begin to feel uneasy. That unease is a signal to return to calm. You can set your reminder times. At the end of every meeting, take a break, and rate your number. If you're above your ideal "2", begin to bring yourself back to calm. Setting intentional reminders allows you to increase self-awareness during the day.

Restore Calm

Once you recognize your score is getting close to or over your max "10", it's important to return to ease and calm. This very moment is a time to restore calm to yourself. Working with clients, we find it's highly important to help identify what memory or experience helps bring the individual back to calm and clarity. For me, it's a picture of my youngest son walking about the beaches of St. Augustine, Florida, at sunrise. Turning your mind away from the source of disease to calm and clarity.

Today's Task: Restore calm and clarity in this moment.

by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC
Author, IWAWO



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