3 Ways You may be an Addict

By Kevin

Being an addict is not considered to be a good thing. We have condemned people who have become addicted to drugs, sending them to jail or prison. Yet we have become addicts ourselves and here's how.

Craving the Newest Thing

You brain is hardwired to seek the newest and greatest thing or idea. If you doubt it, ask yourself this question: How many times did you turn your attention to the newest version of a car, home, or technology? If the advertisement made you want to have it, you are an addict.

What's in Your Pocket

A growing majority of us have our smartphones within arm's reach of our eyes and ears. If it's in your pocket or just next to you (as mine is right now), you are addicted to the phone.

You Get Excited at a Notification

Regardless of where you are in the world, you are more likely to hear a sound notification of your phone or someone's smartphone going off. That "ping" sound lets you know there's a message received. If you instantly turn with excitement to look at and open your text, voice mail, or e-mail message, you are addicted.

If these addictions get in the way of you being in the present moment or attune to the person you are with, you may need to find ways to get back to being yourself. Make and follow plans to be more in charge of your brain, not the other way around.

by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

Author, IWAWO



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