Anxious Perspective

By Kevin

by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

There is an emotion within you at every conceivable encounter with something outside of yourself. You have consistent emotional responses based on past experiences. Over the next few days, I will briefly discuss our typical emotional response to anxiety and depression. It is well research and commonly shown these two emotions drive most of individual, family, group, and organizational thinking and responses.


Anxiety is a cognitive response to what is interpreted as either danger or dreadful. You and I experience something and the brain immediately interprets this experience as either something we should fear or dread.

Anxiety is Fear

Anxiety signals a fear response within our body, because the brain believes whatever is taking place is a danger to our self. You may have woken up today with a major thunderstorm raining aggressively outside. Your brain sees this as a danger and triggers you to stop and do something else, like grab a jacket or an umbrella.

Anxiety is Dread

Anxiety also triggers our body when it interprets that we are certain to experience something very dangerous. When we dread paying taxes, anxiety increases during the month of April. When you think you are about to experience something dreadful, your brain tells you to avoid what is about to happen at all cost. With a looming tax bill, your body asks you to file for an extension.

For today, you get to choose your brain's perspective on any given situation. Instead of feeling anxiety and freezing, try telling your brain "we got this" or "this is going to be fun" and notice how quickly anxiety begins to lessen and your body returns to a sense of calm.



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