Be Mindfully Aware

By Kevin

In an effort to eliminate anxiety and worry from your world, this blog shares two more simple techniques you can use to help manage and eliminate the impact of anxiety.

Be Mindful

Our life is comprised of simple tasks...sitting, walking, talking, eating, drinking, cooking, and sleeping (among many). When we get anxious we often have an overwhelming feeling of being out of control. Today, choose a task and then deliberately pay attention to each part of it. Feel yourself sitting. Focus on each step you take as you walk. Think of your words before you speak them. Taste what you drink before you swallow. This technique helps the brain and body be more calm and clear in any moment.

Keep it Real

Anxiety is usually the result of the brain perceiving fear or dread. Your brain is not always right. When you begin to have the brain believe a creative way to be afraid, simply ask yourself this reality check question: "Is this fear true?" More often than not, fears are just beliefs, not facts. Beliefs can be changed. Telling your brain that you're safe will greatly reduce the effect of fear.

Share your thoughts on these techniques.



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