Big Danger Living in Survivor Mode

By Kevin

by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

Much of my difficult challenges in counseling individuals is helping change thoughts and feelings established by trauma. Through their unfortunate experiences, the brain begins to associate everything as a source of danger. The result? The body and emotions begins to function in "Survivor Mode."

Thoughts Trigger Panic

The mere thought of danger can trigger the body to respond to panic, resulting in a "panic attack," which is tremendously scary for an individual. The mind and emotion is focused only in surviving. This living is a big danger to a desired life.

Picture and Feel the New Self

Going through trauma is a stressful event. The most effective way to get beyond mere survival is the ability to think and believe in the new self.

For today, spend quality time to imagine and decide what kind of self you'd really like to be. The major positive is that you get to begin to focus on the new self and happiness will follow.



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