Brain Matters - The Cortex

By Kevin

Whenever I work with individuals, I make it a special point to highlight the importance of self-awareness. That includes a reminder of the functioning 3 pounds in our heads.

From a functional perspective, the brain is the most complex and important operating system you will ever encounter. It was many components...all communicating with each other. In this blog, we'll consider the importance of the Cortex and the ways we can improve it's fine tuning.

The Human Cortex

Serves to form meaning of the external world, to reason logically, and to use language. This happens through a collection of experiences it uses to make meaning of what you and I are experiencing from the outside in.

The Cortex serves to control vision, auditory senses, voluntary movement, and touch sensations.

It's most crucial function is to provide long-term memory to improve our human functioning.

The Cortex has four lobes: frontal, parietal, temporal, and occipital lobes

The Cortex connects to three other critical structures inside your brain: brainstem, cerebellum, and limbic system (which I'll explore with you in depth, in the weeks to come.

How do we Improve the Human Cortex?

Quiet it down. This can be done through meditation or sitting in silence. Meditation has been shown to increase neural processing and neurotransmitter communication...such as emotional & mental health, emotional control, and heightened awareness and intuition. This can be done in just 10 minutes each day.

Like a revving engine, the brain needs time to idle and rest.



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