Brain vs. Inner Mind: Which Do You Use More Often?

By: Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

Feelings of depression, anxiety, and depression are patterns of thought and behavior that have drawn the majority of attention, whether it's in health care or business. Much of the so-called "problem solvers" focus their attention on the "presenting problem." Consider that our entire health field is dedicated to diagnose and treat symptoms, whether they be physical, mental, or emotional, through medication management of these symptoms. Business consultants spend much of their time determining faults and failings of a business, through high priced consultants. Instead of dwelling on the problem, I have found much of what leads to progressive and lasting change comes from forward motion through self-awareness and Inner Compass.

What I want to share with you is something that may be more productive beyond medication and identifying problems. These things rest in the difference between the difference of the physical brain and the Internal Mind.

At its core, the physical brain has developed to serve two main purposes: to make meaning of what is taking place outside of you; and to keep you alive. The brain is built on patterns and interprets situations based on past experience. The brain centers on the here and now, interpreting what is taking place, making decisions that will keep you alive. The brain interprets factual events and links them to feelings. Feelings build momentum based on protection, helping you focus mostly on pleasure or fear.

There is a distinct advantage already within you, which is able to override the brain at any given time, as you respond to situations you face throughout the day. That advantage is an inner component which I call the Inner Mind. The Inner Mind is a set of deliberate thoughts, feelings, and judgments you can make at any given time. Much of what you come to believe, value, and acknowledge as what you are and what you can become in response to situations and circumstances beyond your control.

Whether you are struggling to guide yourself, your family, or your own business, I suggest three powerful tips that allow your Inner Mind to be a more powerful component within your Inner Compass along your Life Journey.

1. The better you know yourself, the better your Inner Mind will serve to direct you in a direction that better suits you and your Life Journey. Self-awareness is highly important and underrated.

2. Your Inner Mind is something that only you get to control. You may be able to see and understand external events through feelings, but your Inner Mind allows you to control your own response to any given situation.

3. Your Inner Mind allows you to operate within your own beliefs. What you believe about yourself will determine what your Inner Mind chooses to respond. Choose beliefs that empower you instead of degrading yourself.

So the question comes down to this. Would you rather be led by a brain that merely tries to keep you alive or an Inner Mind that leads you on your own beliefs within a much more rewarding Life Journey?

I suggest you go "all in" on improving and using your Inner Mind when choosing the next response along your Life Journey.












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