Can't every day be Friday?

By Kevin

by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

Fridays are an unofficial weekly holiday in America. We have an entire restaurant chain, TGIFridays, who have built a business on celebrating the end of the week.

Wrapping it Up

I am amazed how much we can accomplish on a Friday. Business meetings seem shorter and focused. We discuss exciting things we have planned for the weekend. We postpone matters that don't require immediate responses until Monday. Interestingly, when the afternoon begins most of our business suddenly compels us to be "in the field." The corner cutters among us often pretend the boss won't suspect that we are starting our weekend early.

What if every day were Friday?

In working with leaders of companies, groups, or even a family, I have learned the primary focus has been getting things accomplished at or before deadlines. If we made every day like a Friday, it might look like this.

  • We would arrive happy to be helping others.
  • We would talk more about what interests we have outside of work.
  • We would make meetings and appointments more direct and to the point.
  • We would be more casual in our style, allowing us to relax more often.

Makes me wonder... Wouldn't work life be better if we treated every day like Friday?



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