Current Position?

By Kevin

by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

Growing up, for me, was a collection of daydreaming and comparing myself to others. This was the only way I thought how I was going to understand who I was. I knew I wanted to be adventurous. I knew lots of people put me down for what I couldn't do as well as others. So my position was a boy wanting to achieve great things, but too afraid to act because "I couldn't do it."

Positional Awareness

Individuals I work with have the very same vague awareness of where they are, based on what they think or hear from others. Very few actually know their current "location" in life. Even fewer are confident they can do what they actually want to accomplish.

Getting to know someone involves asking and listening to their positional awareness in life. Once we get through the difficult past and current stories we tell ourselves, the work begins.

Five Powerful Questions

When I turned 40 I began to question and understand things differently than I did as a kid. My eyesight declined, my career path changed, and my relationships with others were changing. I came to the conclusion and five critical questions:

Who am I?

Why are you here?

Where are you at now?

Where do you actually want to go?

What obstacles are in the way of that destination?

The answers are much different now than they were at age 8 and even 40. Life has so much to offer you.

Moving along on your Journey begins with an accurate awareness of where you are now.



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