Depressed Perspective

By Kevin

by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

A negative perspective on situations or experiences signals a typical response you may have when you have a history of being sad or even slightly depressed. While this topic is never easy to discuss openly, the majority of Americans suffer from some form of depression and it deserves a more acceptable response.


Depression is an underlying sad response to situations or circumstances that one experiences. Depression is commonly understood to be a sad, empty, or irritable mood that significantly affects our ability to function. We can feel depressed and still be angry, impulsive, and smiling.

Depressive Perspective

When the brain and body are depressed, they produce a pattern of responses that are negative and pessimistic. Sometimes we begin to take common experiences and interpret them as "our fault." Depression says "you suck" at everything, so "why even try?" Virtually every situation is perceived as hopeless. Over time, your brain begins to believe everything is hopeless.

Depressive Antidote

What you need to do can be accomplished, through action. Depressive perspective wants you to submit, in order to reinforce the perspective. It begins to say, "sit here on this couch, watch Netflix, and do nothing." The antidote to depressive perspective is to listen to your intuition, which tells you to get up and "do it any way."

For today, when you know you must get something done, tell the depressed perspective to "shut up" and bravely move forward toward your goal.



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