Emotional Perception

By Kevin

by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

While your brain takes information in from each of your five senses, your interpretation of this information is largely based on past experiences and your emotional perception.

It's all Good

I have a t-shirt with that phrase captured beneath a cartoon of a man on a row boat with his dog. While that individual experience may be good, it's become a phrase that we have answered in response to the question: How are you today?

"I'm good" has become our default life response. But that's not truly how you feel. In your desire not to be truthful, you give them an answer that satisfies someone else and gets them to stop bothering you.

Your true emotional perception of how you feel, at any given moment, is the key to optimal living. Through my work with individuals, families, groups, and organizations, I have guided them to identify and follow three distinct steps to understanding and managing their own emotional perception.

Not everything is Good. For today increase your awareness of your emotions without any impulsive response.



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