Evict the Critic

By Kevin

In an effort to rid your life of anxiety and worry, this blog focuses on two simple techniques that many of us forget to use on a daily basis.

Evict the Inner Critic

Each of us have this little voice in our head that tells us of how bad and horrible we really are. That Inner Critic judges you each time, sometimes harder than others will ever judge you. This self-critical thinker needs to be evicted from setting up a permanent residence. If you hear your inner critic of being highly detrimental to your own functioning, it's time to serve it with an eviction notice. Then learn to be kinder to yourself.

Change the Energy

We are made of energy. Our hearts, brains, and nerves emit high degrees of energy waves. Anxiety produces energy within us that is counter-productive. The next time you face some anxious feelings, turn it in a positive direction...get active. Anxiety can be better managed by doing something positive, like taking a walk, organizing a room, or coloring a picture.

Today's a great day to rid your world of anxiety. Share your thoughts with us.



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