Faith Forward

By Kevin

by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

Millions of people enter churches every Sunday morning. The church gathering are a tradition that has been around for centuries in America. Sunday is a time to renew our faith and move forward into the week.

Traditional Ceremonies

Celebrations of Faith build on traditional services and liturgies. We listen to sermons or homilies, focusing teachings on valuable life lessons. If done well, the experience reminds us of what's important as we move forward toward another successful week.

Powerful Lessons

Whether you practice a religion or have no religion at all, Sundays are a perfect time to remember what's important and faithfully move forward in your life this week.

Accurately Make Plans

In my work with influential business and family leaders, I find most make time on Sunday to plan their week ahead. By determining what is important to them in the week ahead, they easily make a list of "plans for the week." With faith and action, they usually accomplish a lot in one week.

Take time today to tap into your own Faith in You. You have a lot to accomplish.



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