Figuring It Out

By Kevin


You and I...beat the odds. We are miracles.

There were 400,000,000,000 to 1 odds that you and I would be born. Our parents could have chosen not to come together and have us, but they did. They did and we were born. We beat the odds.

What stops us from that point forward is us.

You see, I believe the truth to life is Figuring It Out.

The point in life is to figure out is to live in an optimal state of being. Our natural state of being is to be calm and clear, which leads to profound and continual levels of happiness. Living in a state of anxiety or sadness is counter to our Authentic Self.

Hello, my name is Kevin Foley. I created the Guide Dog Company as a part of my optimal state of being.

My higher purpose is my optimal state of being. After living 50 years on this earth, with varied experiences, I figured out and have determined a full intention to meet, encourage, and guide others on their Unique Life Journey. What I offer is a way for individuals, families, groups, and organizations to Figure Out and go bravely on their Life Journey. This is my optimal state of calm, clarity, and happiness.

What have you figured out?


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