Finding Peace - Calm in Any Storm

By Kevin

You, me, and everyone you know are meant to live in a state of calm and clarity.

I share this with clients I counsel and coach. They look at me stunned, "I can't remember the last time I was calm."

Shaky Water

Ever taken a bucket full of water and sediment and stirred it furiously. The water becomes cloudy and swirls out, nearly spilling out of the bucket.

Settled Water

Take that same bucket of aggressively stirred water and stop shaking it. The sediment settles to he bottom of the bucket. The water becomes clear once again.

We are meant to be like settled water.

When you're feeling a like a storm inside, just stop shaking it up. Let the weight of the moment settle. Your calm will get restored when you stop trying to stir the water within you.

I'm Kevin Foley, M.Ed., LPC
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