Friday Myth

By Kevin

Sadly, there is a great majority of us stepping faster off at work today, repeating the phrase..."Thank God It's Friday."

TGIF is a Myth

Friday is a not a guaranteed entry to happiness. We have made Friday's into a casual step toward what we'd rather be doing. It's as if the work we have done this week is not as meaningful as whatever we have planned for the two days ahead.

If you are one of those happy that it's Friday, simply because it's getting away from your job, profession, or bill-paying activity, I encourage you to consider these simple perceptions...

Stop buying the Myth that Friday is greater than any other day in the week.

Every day is a day worthy of thanks.

Every day is filled with possibilities of happiness.

Each day gives you the opportunity to breathe and be alive.

You're not happy because it's Friday, you are unhappy because your perception of your life makes you feel miserable. Saturday and Sunday are no greater than today. You have control to turn your view of misery around. If you're not happy where you are, take action and determination to go do something you really want to do in your career. If you do something you are passionate about, the entire world benefits.

Make a fundamental shift in how you see each day, as a contribution to the world, and the difference you make, and you will...

Thank God It's Another Day to Be Alive



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