Friday's Myth: Suffering is Mandatory

By Kevin

Grief and Suffering seem to come natural when we deal with the death of a loved one. We will miss them. We have great memories of them. We think of what they taught us and lessons they gave us.

Suffering is Natural

When we miss something, we long for a return to happiness. As a result, we find this overwhelming loss and suffering is a natural result of loss.

Suffering is Mandatory

There used to be a time in which we were given time off from work as "bereavement." Many individuals, families, and organizations I have helped over the years have held on to the belief that we should grieve and suffer for years at a time. As if we owed it to that person to grieve and suffer our loss.

Myth #1 for Today: Suffering is NOT Mandatory

You do not need to suffer any more than you're comfortable in managing. You can mourn the loss of a loved one. You can understand what happened. You can recover physically, mentally, and emotionally. Once you've accepted the loss or set back, you can choose to end suffering.

Progress comes when you've accepted the result of something and decided to end your suffering.

Suffering is NOT mandatory.



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