Go Go Go...WRONG

By Kevin

With the end of a major holiday in America, our alarms going off today, reminded us of the fast paced life that we return to at work. It's get up and get ready for the day, followed by racing off to work. It's hurry up and get to work to serve the company, even if it's your own. You and your brain are firing on all circuits that requires a fair amount of tasks to keep it going.

Racing Body starts with a Racing Mind

We have fallen in love with the belief that we can manage multiple things at once. On a typical day, your three-pound brain, with the consistency of butter, uses about 30% of your energy. But here's the myth...the Racing Mind cannot manage multiple things at once really well at all. If you want your brain to work more efficiently, focus more on ONE thing at a time.

In the middle of the busy day, I challenge you to put down the racing thoughts and focus on the very moment that you're in right now. Shut down the inbound distractions and let your brain do its best work, by focusing on that meeting you are in right now.

If you think being on the Go is the best thing, I'm here to tell you, that's all WRONG.

Enjoy this one moment at a time.

An Efficient Brain focuses on One Thing at a Time



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