Grasping & Aversion

By Kevin

I've been working with clients, families, and organizations for years. I've realized the key to truly important change begins with honest self-awareness. I've learned people retain simple better than complicated concepts.

While reading Search Inside Yourself, by Chade Meng-Tan, I was reminded of many simple concepts. Regarding suffering, Meng said this, "The key is to let go of two things: grasping and aversion. Grasping is when the mind desperately holds on to something and refuses to let go. Aversion is when the mind desperately keeps something away and refuses to let it come."

Simple, yet profound, and priceless.

Contributions to our own suffering come from holding on to what we should really let go and avoiding that which we refuse to come toward us.

What are you grasping or averting?



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