Happy Independence Day

Within these United States of America, this day marks our country's Independence Day, as we declared a separation from England.

Our "Founding Fathers" used three significant skills to move us away from England and propelled our human spirit into creating a truly independent country. The first skill was their Perception that we needed to get away from the oppression and control of England. They wanted to grew from taxation and a near dictatorship from another country thousands of miles away. They were tired of being told what to do.

These same leaders move into the next skill, of taking Action toward independence. They inspired an entire infant nation to stand up and rebel against the mighty England to found our own united nation. This movement involved shedding blood, deciding interests on key areas of life within this new country. Their action led to the creation of the United States of America.

Their vision has led us to a now 241-year passion of an entire country's combined Will. The determination of our first leaders carries on through us today, with our reminders to propel us to experiencing life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Whether they knew it or not, our Founding Fathers gave us the framework to you and I to move forward in our own life. Your Perception of what is taking place will lead us to Action. Within this Action we can then move forward on our Will to do something greater than ourselves.

On this day, more than ever, your own Independence rests within your mind's perceptions of life, the choice of your action, and the determination to move in the direction that matters most of you. Each of these skills, are within your control. You get to make a choice of how you Perceive situations. You get to choose your Action. You get to choose your Will.

Take a few minutes to realize and make your own Independence Day on exactly who you'd like to be.












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