How Superachievers spend their Sunday

By Kevin

Most of us have understood the incredible gifts that Sundays offer. It has become the day that we spend with family. We spend it going to Church. We find Sunday is a great time to rest.

World Class Achievers

One of the tremendous differences between mere achievers and those who excel to World Class performers is their dedciation to planning, preparation, and decisive action.

Set Goals

Sundays are a great time for relaxation, reflection, planning, and preparation for the week ahead.

Set One Goal in Each Area

Taking small steps to becoming a World Class person, parent, family member, or professional requires taking decisive preparation. For today, make this Sunday count...

Write down your measurable goal as a person...

Write your measurable goal as a parent...

Write your measurable goal as a family member (son/daughter, sibling, or cousin)...

Write your one measurable goal as a professional you will achieve this week.

Now, go become a Super Achiever

Comment below on what you plan to accomplish this week.



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