Increase Intelligence

By Kevin

Want to increase your intelligence? It takes three main things to consistently and logically practice increasing your IQ.


Breathing through your nose brings the body to relax, calm down, and remain composed. This breathing infuses oxygen into your blood and into your brain (enhancing functioning). A relaxed breathing brain increases its ability to be more efficient.

Posture & Exercise

Sitting upright stimulates the brain. Getting up and moving gets the blood pumping into your brain. Walking and aerobics are great examples of increasing blood into your brain. Sleep is just as important to getting your blood pumping around your brain.


There have been considerable research in this area. I'll name just three that helps increase your brain's intelligence: Ginko Biloba leaves (found in teas or pill form); caffeine; reduced sugar.

Get moving

Stop, even as you read this, and make a more purposeful effort to increase nose breathing, improve your posture, get moving, and eat carefully to increase intelligence.

Let me know what you use to increase your own intelligence.



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