Intention = Energy

By Kevin

by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

Whenever I see a post on Facebook of individuals asking for prayers, I realize the power of intention is beginning to create a desired outcome. Some of these same friends are also skeptical of the power of energy that brings those intentions into reality. In truth, energy and physics are actively at work with the mere clear intention. There are two ways to get this energy working in your direction.

Observe Your New Self

In order to become who you want to become, you have to begin to honestly and clearly envision that change in your life. The change must be seen and understood in your mind and emotions. Essentially, if you want to be a new you, then you must begin to break the habit of being you.

Aligning Mind & Feelings

How many times have you thought of what you wanted things to become, but your heart wasn't "feeling it"? This incoherence often prevents what you really want from taking place. When you bring about very clear, focused certainty about your passion and purpose, you begin to work in alignment.

For me, intention began being an extremely powerful synergy, because my mind visualized what I wanted and my heart believed it as well. When my mind and heart got on the same "wave length" my intention turned into energy and I was began making monumental contributions to my career, family, and to those I care about.

With unified intention comes powerful energy.



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