Is Yours a Labor of Love?

By Kevin

Labor Day, 2017 is a legal holiday in America. This is a day in which we honor all those who have labored for a living. Our holiday was created over 100 years ago, by the head of a carpenters union, Peter McGuire, who wanted to honor those who have worked hard at their craft. Over time, state governments adopted the holiday into law.

Working on Your Craft

While tradesmen have been the originators of the holiday, the holiday gives you time off to honor your craft. Many people have difficulty understanding what "craft" means. Craft is what you and I do in which we appreciate and dedicate ourselves to get better at. Craft is what you and I create to share with the world. Your craft is you want to get better and better at it, over and over.

Labor Serves a Purpose

Labor Day is an opportunity to celebrate the ability to work. Labor gives you the opportunity to share what you're great at with the rest of the world. For me, it's reminding others how to through hard times and stay on their Life Journey. I have been given gifts I need to share. For me, my labor is helping others. My labor is my craft.

Make Yours a Labor of Love

Celebrate Labor Day. Celebrate your ability to work. Celebrate your craft.

Today's Tactic: Discover three things you love about your labor and begin making it your craft.

Kevin R. Foley

copyright 2017



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