Left Brain

By Kevin

There are two main hemispheres in your brain. When working perfectly, both sides are communicating with each other.

There is one side of your brain that is your dominant side, usually.

Left Side Hemisphere

The left side of your brain is known to control the right side of your physical body. The Left Hemisphere, however, provides you with distinct advantages.

The Left Brain thinks sequentially. This portion of your brain helps you think logically and rationally. This part of your brain is analytical and objective.

Your Left Brain helps you handle speech and looking at the parts that add up to the whole.

Using your Left Brain

Want to really master something? Your Left Brain helps you get there by working on sequential small steps toward the whole functional purpose. In working with individuals and teams, I have tapped into Left Brain through microprocessing: helping them master a complex task by mastering small steps toward their larger objective.

Want to learn something complicated, use your left brain.

I'd love to hear how you use your Left Brain.



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