Listen Up & Notice

By Kevin

We're committed to eliminating worry and anxiety from your world. Today, we introduce two simple techniques, which you can use as tactics to reduce the need for anxiety in our day.

Listen Up

When your anxious, or even when you're not, practice this tactic to bring yourself back to what truly matters. It begins by setting a time with the intention to listen. This is a great time to listen to the noises of nature - like the wind, your kids playing outside, or someone speaking to you. When you deliberately choose to get back to the simple things of life. Anxiety can't stand up to your self-awareness in those things that surround you.

Notice Your Senses

Use your five senses to pay attention to five things you notice. Name five things you see, five things you smell, five things you taste, five things you touch, and five sounds you hear in the next 20 minutes. This deliberately mindful activity forces anxiety to stop and short-circuits your own fear and dread feelings.

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