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Let's Talk: A Therapist Invitation...

In your daily grind of protecting your image from others, we go from day-to-day, expending tremendous amounts of energy trying to conceal and contain the way you really feel. This becomes an energy-draining task. The pain you feel has been mounting since childhood. You have been judged, belittled, and told you are not good enough.

It is from that childhood, or later, when you begin to believe that you are in this never-ending deep sadness, excruciating anxiety, and deep valley of doubt. These feelings of sadness, anxiety, and misery have become so overwhelming that you feel an unending amount of stress, fear, and insecurity that you give up who you were and accept the possibility that it will never get better.

At the urging of someone who cares about your well-being and happiness, you are nudged to "go get some help with your emotions." Through one source or another, you find the courage to make the phone call and schedule an appointment to meet with a therapist. You believe, with certainty, that the therapist will surely validate that you are in fact crazy, maybe even crazier than you thought you were.

The tension mounts as you enter the building, find the office, and are greeted by an assistant and other staff who not only have a caring demeanor, they welcome you and are interested in your personal self.

By the time you are led back to the therapist office, you find a space which is inviting and warm. The therapist welcomes you and wants to know, "How can we help you?" The phrase has been used so often you almost don't believe the question. For some reason, this therapist is sincere and actively awaits your answer. There is no judgement for what you feel. There is a genuine level of appreciation for who you are. There is a warmth in trying to understand some of the sadness you feel daily. There is a calm reassurance in the questions and listening that comes with your answers. There is a sincere attempt to understand your feelings as you experience them.

As the conversation moves to better understand the level of despair which has consumed you to this point, you begin to realize the process of pulling out the negativity in your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to break up the clouds you have been walking around for months or years.

In this first meeting, you open up and build a connection with someone who cares about you. The pain you have felt is now being better understood by a relative stranger. You have never shared your feelings with someone like this. This therapist, however, encourages you to work at improve your own self-awareness. Then they ask, "How would you like to be better or different as we work together?" This one question turns the tide of desperation into possibility. For in that one question, you start considering the possibilities that come with moving toward what you want and away from what you don't want any longer.

By the end of the first day there is a solid plan laid out, with defined goals and objectives that can be reasonably achieved to relieve your sadness, anxiety, and despair. You begin to feel better, lighter, and hopeful than you have in years.

By the time you walk out of your first meeting, you immediately begin looking forward to when you can return to that chair in the office, to share, to sort out, and improve the way you see life, with all its possibility, calm, and clarity that you have longed for years.

Welcome to the process of finding and living your optimal personal self again. The chair is here for you and I am here to help you.












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