Making Connections

By Kevin

Your brain is a very robust and functionally plastic. The brain can function, even if part of your anatomy is lacking, to help you complete complex tasks. It can allow you to adapt to new memories and functions.


Each time you and I learn something, new connections are made within the synapses. The brain sends neurotransmitter chemicals to connect with each other.

When we are young and learn new things, connections are made and strengthened. So much so that we recognize an automobile, merely by the connections we made as a child. So, when we see a car, our brain's instantly recognize it as a car and doesn't think twice about determining what that metal box is on wheels.

Our neural pathways are created each time we process the input of new information, practice, or sensation.

Improving Your Connections

Your brain is a collection of memories and pathways which allow you to learn anything you want. Through repetition, the brain is carving out new abilities for you to retain and use this information in your future.

Want to improve your brain's connections? Simply practice doing something different. Like today, instead of writing a note with your dominant hand, write it with your "off hand." This will help your brain forge a different pathway to learn something new. Practice it more often, and it will help you write with either hand, with relative ease.


Teach your something differently than you're used to.


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