Memorize This...

By Kevin

A highly important piece is the ability to memorize things.

Remember that critical information your teacher or boss told you to remember? Your brain was busy taking it in and making sense of it all. Your ability to memorize and recall information comes down to how your brain organizes its intake.

Five key ways you memorize

  1. Receptive Memory - it's the ability to note physical features of any stimulus and recognize it at a later time (the alphabet, numbers, etc).
  2. Sequential Memory - the ability to recall stimuli in an order of observation or presentation (such as the differences in four letters: name - mean - amen).
  3. Rote Memory - your ability to learn information as a habit pattern.
  4. Short-Term Memory - your ability last a few seconds to a minute (first names, phone numbers, etc.)
  5. Long-Term Memory - your ability to recall things learned in the past (cursive writing, riding a bike, etc.)

How to Memorize

- Take something you want to memorize and tie it to something in addition to what you're taking in. For example, when you meet a really tall man, named Tim, use the receptive memory and just remember "Tall Tim."

These little tricks help your brain improve its ability to Memorize.

Now go memorize something memorable.



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