Mindfulness Exercise

By Kevin

It has been my experience the majority of us suffer from some degree of anxiety. Quite naturally, our brain is designed to make sure you stay alive. The brain will inherently begin to think that everything you experience presents a danger. I have noted and helped countless individuals find a way they can help calm and get their brains to carry them through whatever they want to experience...mindfulness.

Often times the brain is overwhelmed with things to consider, in evaluating what will keep you safe and secure. Taking in too much information is rarely helpful in your every day functioning.

What to Ponder

Be Aware - today, stop and determine exactly what your focus is on at this moment; what is your brain centering it's attention upon. Is it helpful? Instead of looking at the danger, look at the opportunity to move forward toward your goal.

Meditate - there are a lot of resources out here for you to begin meditation (guided mediation - like the body scan); each resource will help you calm your thoughts and allow both sides of your brain better communicate.

Focus on a Single Object - the brain functions best when it has only one thing to focus upon; centering on the "one thing" can greatly reduce stress on your mind and brain.

Bravely Move Forward

The beauty of the brain is that it functions best when it has smaller number of things to focus upon. If you're feeling overwhelmed, narrow your focus down to what matters most and watch the stress drop off.



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