Neurons & Networks

By Kevin

Want to access the most important Operating System in the world? Just tap into that three pounds in your head.

Your Brain doesn't know what light looks like, it just sits in a dark room, operating the entire sense of yourself. Based on learning and collection of past experiences, it has an amazing ability to communicate within itself to make sure complex tasks, (such as reading this message) are completed with precision.

Some Amazing Facts

Your brain has some 100 Billon nerve cells and neurons working to help you function.

Each nerve cell and neuron passes electrical signals to other neurons. Kind of like the game of "telephone" you might have played as a kid.

Incoming signals are carried by a neuron's dendrites. These signals are moving at rates of 200 miles per hours. Each neuron can fire once ever 1,000th of a second. That's some kind of processing speed.

Different patterns of electrical firing are associated with different brain functions.

Improving Your Network

While big communication companies tout a focus on improving networks for their customers, your Brain has an amazing ability to build and improve your all-important neural network.

The most basic way to learn a complex task is to break each component down into individual parts. Much like when we were babies, infants, and toddlers, the brain improves functioning with practice.

Today, play a brain game: puzzles and brain games help create new associations to keep the brain sharp. Each time we learn a new thing, the brain grows. The more repetition of a task or association, the more we use our neural pathways to grow and stretch our brain.


Stretch Your Brain


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