Noise Cancellation

By Kevin
by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

I loved the roar of the crowd at Cincinnati Reds games. I recently went to see Huey Lewis & the News concert resonated with a terrific sound system.

Bad Noise Sells

About 10 years ago, I made a conscious decision to stop watching the local TV news. Local news headlines murder, drug deals, court hearings, traffic accidents, and problems in the neighborhood. Bad news grabs our attention. I learned to stop playing their game.

Don't Listen to the Noise

That conscious decision to stop listening to the noise changed my mood and outlook on life. I learned to look at positives and focus on what I needed to accomplish to help others.

Now there is technology designed to cancel noise outright.

What would happen if you made a conscious decision to stop wasting time with the noise in your life? I'm suggesting that you pay attention to the noise that bothers you and brings you down. After you've realized it, then begin to stop paying attention to that which drags you down.

Cancel the Noise in your life today. You will find life being a little less stressful.



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