One Great Accomplishment

By Kevin

In 1961, President John Kennedy announced that Americans would be on the moon in a decade. Few believed in such an impossible goal. This goal was not only achieved, it was accomplished several times thereafter.

Kennedy didn't have all the answers. He looked at what the country has done in the past, believed in its proven achievements, and challenged us to move forward.

Building on the Past

If you ever doubt what you are capable of achieving, look at what you have already accomplished.

Research has proven that being born defies the 400 trillion to 1 odds. Being brought into this world is already a major accomplishment. Getting through your struggles is an accomplishment. Dealing with others is an accomplishment. You have already accomplished so much.

Realizing your accomplishments. You are undefeated. Build on your past...

This is your life. It's time to do what you've held yourself back from what resonates within you.

by Kevin R. Foley
copyright 2017



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