One Key way to Pilot your Brain

By Kevin

Your brain is a valuable instrument. Far too many of us fail to use this instrument to its fullest. Like the pilot of a fighter jet, you are the pilot of your own brain.

Make Intentional Decisions

An uncontrolled brain is destined to drift. That drifting takes over when we use our brain in a default mode. The basal ganglia takes over when we take the hand off the steering and it goes in whatever direction it is attracted to.

Once you make a decision, you tell your brain what you want. The brain shifts from the neutral to forward gears, when it goes from the basal ganglia to the prefrontal cortex. This front part of our brain is the main decision-making part of the brain.

Once you make a decision, you're telling the brain what you want it to do with you. The brain engages the central nervous system and emotions to do what you want it to do.

Take control of your brain and you're well on your way to more steps along your intentional Life Journey.

by Kevin R. Foley
copyright 2017



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