Ready, Set...Go: The Power of Mondays

By Kevin

The weekend closed a few hours ago.

If you're like most, Monday is a return to the race of getting things accomplished at work, for yourself, and the family.

The power of Mondays rests in three key habits:


When working with individuals, families, and organizations, I spend the majority of time on preparing them on what they want to accomplish: mentally and physically. Through a no joke and no bullshit honesty, they get to decide what they need for the week ahead. Then we align their tools, their thoughts, and attributes which will serve them best.


The true power of the brain comes when it focuses on one single action at a time. We may believe in the myth of multi-tasking, but the reality is that we cannot do more than one thing at a time really well at all. Through focused activities, the brain helps you go after your highest priorities of your Monday. Answering this simple question of "What one activity will bring the greatest value to others in my company?," sets the brain off in a laser focus, guiding you toward the answer.


With honest preparation and focus, action becomes the easiest part of Monday. Get going on what you prepared and focus upon.

The true Power of Mondays rests in the Preparation, Focus, and Action you set out for yourself today.

Happy Monday



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