Respect Where You Are

By Kevin

by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

In my days as a child welfare caseworker, I worked with families who seemed to be constantly in crisis. One family stood out to me, however, as the dealt with having to move from place to place. Tonya, a mother of four children, never seemed to lose sight of the importance of respect.

"We are meant to be in this place."

Tonya needed helping moving into her fourth apartment in two years. This move was extremely frustrating as her family was evicted after her boyfriend overdosed on drugs.

The kids were complaining that they had to share bedrooms and leave their friends behind. Tonya continued to impress them that "we'll make the most of what we have here guys."

Before I left them for the day,Tonya turned to me and asked, ""Do you know where I can buy some flowers?" I gave her a list of a few stores she could find flowers.

I came by to check on the family two days later. When I walked up to the front door of their apartment, there were flowers planted in the ground underneath the front window. When I asked Tonya why she focused on getting flowers, she just replied, "We are meant to be in this place right now. We respect where we are, even when we don't like."

Respecting your place in the world only requires appreciation and care at the moment in time. Respecting where you are, reminds you to be present and find the happiness in the environment and place wherever you are on your Journey.



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