Small Steps

By Kevin

As I mentioned yesterday, I am professionally committed to eliminating anxiety and worry from the world. The rest of this week, I will present two simple basic techniques you can take when you begin to feel anxiety.

In work with clients to relieve themselves from anxiety, panic attacks, and racing thoughts, I begin with simple techniques and continue to guide them toward consistently practicing self-awareness to increase their response to what triggers anxiety. There are many who profess to have the cure-all to anxiety. The techniques are not complicated.

Take Small Steps

When the body responds to anxiety, it sends flight or fight response through our body. Your thoughts race, heart rate increases, and breathing becomes difficult to maintain. It's in these situations that we must slow down and take small steps. When we slow ourselves down, we can think more clearly and make healthier decisions.

Bring Yourself Back

Anxiety lives on the idea that whatever the brain fears leads to certain danger. When you get anxious, you tend to forget where you are. This is a time to use each of your senses to reorient yourself to being safe. Look at where you are physically as a safe place. Listen to the silence that surrounds you, reminding you of your own safety. Taste something to drink. Smell your surroundings. Touch part of the room or space you're in. This will help remind the brain and you of your own safety in the face of perceived fear or dread.

We're on a mission to eliminate anxiety and worry. Share your thoughts with us.



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