Stop Your Identity Crisis

By Kevin

Most of what you watch wants you to believe you're fat, poor, and boring. They want your attention, because they're selling their things. It works. You go buy their stuff. You stress about what you don't have. You forget what you do have.

Women, Men, and Children are willing to blindly fall into the myth: You're not enough.

You are MORE than enough. You are everything you need. You don't need media telling you how to live. You need to breathe. You need to discover (or rediscover) the Authentic You.

1. What are you fighting for? Whatever means the most to you is what your truer purpose is in life. For me, I want to rid the world of anxiety and worry, by restoring present day living. For you, it could be cancer, world peace, being a great parent, or growing great produce. Whatever you are about, stand up and follow that path.

2. Get Calm & Clear: Once you know what you're fighting for, begin to focus on spending your time wisely on what matters most improves your mind's balance. You are meant to be calm and clear. Anything more is telling you what you're not.

3. Walk through Fear: Everything you want is on the other side of fear. What ever you want to stand for is available for you to achieve. Despite the anxiety and worry, you can and must move forward.

Work on being the Authentic You...the world needs you.



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