Taking a Chance

By Kevin
by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

Emotions ran most of my early days and life, well into my 30s. I'd respond to things emotionally. I'd get upset when things didn't go my way. My kids tell me how they were afraid to upset me. I've come to learn quite a few things about life in the last 20 years.

Taking Chances

I've grown from impulsively acting on sadness, disappointment, or frustration to letting the emotion pass before deciding what to do. In letting the angry Kevin pass through, the "wise Kevin" began to take over. The result? I began making much more wise chances.

Sleeping on It

One of the lessons I learned was when I began to practice the power of wisdom-based chances. I learned to tell the car salesman, "I'll sleep on it," instead of giving into their demand to buy the car on the spot. After thinking about it, I made much better decisions. I was able to think about the long-range effects of making such as decision. I learned how to stop, think, and plan ahead, before taking a chance.

What chances would you like to take? Make a list.

Then let time pass. You'll end up taking a much wiser chance.



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