The One Value of Worry

By Kevin

In effort to rid the world of anxiety and depression, I write to pass along the only valuable role worry has in your life.

Worry tells you to plan your response

We worry about our family. We worry about the weather. We worry about work. We worry about this. We worry about that. We worry about losing someone. We worry about change. We worry ourselves to new levels of anxiety.

If you were to tell me that the bridge is out on my way to work, I have two choices: Panic or Plan.

A panic response begins to look at the doom of the situation. I begin to believe there is no way for me to get to work.

A plan response begins to look at ways to solve the problem. I begin to identify two or three ways around the bridged path to work.

The only valuable role worry plays is that it forces us to plan our response. Once we have a plan to avoid what we fret and panic over, our anxiety shuts up and we get back to focusing on enjoying this very moment.

Come up with a response and get back to living life.

by Kevin R. Foley
copyright 2017



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