The Truth About Disease

By Kevin

If you look at disease in the world, you are bound to see varied cases of conditions in the body that lead to further health complications. One website I looked at this morning said the top three deadliest diseases in the world are:

1. Heart disease (Ischemic Heart Disease) - heart attack

2. Cebrovascular Disease - strokes

3. Lower Respiratory Infections - pneumonia and bronchitis

Any one of these three usually give off warning signs. These warnings are the body's way of saying "pay attention to me." These signs are telling us one essential truth about disease.


The very word "disease" gives us a giant clue as to what's going on within us. We get these conditions because we are not longer at ease. Our ease has been thrown off course and the body begins to suffer.

Each body usually gives us a warning sign, such as difficult breathing, a cough, or a muscle cramp. We pay no attention to the first few difficult breaths, coughs, or twinge in our muscles. We push on. But then the body begins to move into stronger messages...breathing becomes a premium, coughs become more severe, and the chest begins to tighten up.

The biggest key to help cure disease is REST. The body is craving rest. The body will adjust and usually recover with rest and basic fundamental life fuel (truly healthy foods and water).

The truth of disease is that we are no longer at ease. When we return to ease, we regain that sense of calm and clarity that we are meant to have in our life.

Today's Task: Pay close attention to your body. What can you do to bring it back to a sense of ease?

by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

Author, IWAWO



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