Three Powerful Responses

By Kevin

by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

When you hear a baby cry, you respond. When you hear the giggle of a toddler, you respond. When you learn of the death of one your heroes, you respond. When you taste an exquisite dessert, you respond. Regardless of the experience, your response will follow. There are three powerful responses for you to begin using immediately.

Choose Perspective

When someone does something, do you interpret it personally? If so, you may be setting yourself up for an angered response. The person who cut you off in traffic doesn't even know you, so why would you choose to take it as a personal attack?

Be objective in your perspective and you will choose a response that will help you stay calm instead of furious.

Take Action

Ryan Holiday said it best, "we can always (and only) greet our obstacles with energy, persistence...and an eye for opportunity and pivotal moments."

Today is a great time to respond being calm, confident, and focused on helping yourself and others.

Be Determined

If you are determined to remain calm and clear-minded, your response to any situation is easy. Make a determined-choice to respond to any situation with the intention to remain calm. Instead of yelling at the driver, just wish them well in getting to wherever they are going as safely as possible. You remain calm and go on about your day.



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