Three ways to End Monday Dread Syndrome

By Kevin

The weekend is packed with fun. You wake up today and that Monday Dread Syndrome (MDS) takes over.

It's a nagging self-defeating feeling which takes over the brain, increases negative feelings, and makes getting the week going very sluggish. You know the symptoms, as the onset began late Sunday.

Today, I offer the beginning of an antidote to end MDS.

1. Increase physical awareness: You have blood pumping through your veins. You have a brain ready to work for you. Be grateful for your physical ability to get going today.

2. Feel the Moment : You have five senses. Pay attention to what you see, what you taste, what you touch, what you hear, and what you smell.

3. Greater Purpose: Research validates when you and I focus on doing something that fills a larger purpose, we are more readily able to keep us going. Having a true "big purpose" is more motivating than money to most of us.

Today is Monday. Today is a way to move on from the past and worry not about the future.

Use these three exercises and end Monday Dread Syndrome.

Let me know how it works for you.



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